M.L.P. was founded in 1967 and it mostly focused on producing precision components for electric counters and car tooling, for both national and internationals companies.

In the subsequent years, the company improved both infrastructure and technical instrumentation, ending up with a highly considered role in the turning field, thanks to its competence and passion.

The current facility (2500 square meters) was organized to work with ample space for movement, in an orderly, clean and safe way.

Production encompasses turned parts with diameters ranging from 0 to 12 mm.

This finally leads to EXTREMELY HIGH-PRECISION PARTS, with outstanding quality, with respect to dimensional tolerances, dedicated finishing and customer service.

Our experience enables us to serve very demanding customers and market sectors.

Our business policy ensures a continued technical, qualitative and structural growth.

Attention to people, dedication and reliability are the core values of MLP.